Contact information for Parish Councillors

Stephen Sell 
Tel: 01379 674410

Dave Eddington
Tel: 01379 677790

Joe Cromley (Chair)
Tel:  01379 677817

Matthew Harrowven
Tel: 01379 677782

Mike Harrowven
01379 674437

Your District Councillor: Mr James Easter
Tel:   07775 671831
Email: [email protected]

Your County Councillor: Mr Beverley Spratt
Tel: 01508 489746
Email: [email protected]

Members of the Council are always willing to discuss topics put forward by the public.  Our agenda is prepared about a week before the next Council meeting so you will need to inform the Clerk or the Chair about ten days prior to the meeting.

The Council is required by law to publicise its agenda at least 3 clear days before each meeting, not including the day of issue or day of meeting.  This Council, gives members of the public an opportunity to speak at some point during the meeting.  We do this by temporarily adjourning the meeting; this allows the public plus our District and County Councillor an opportunity to speak.